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Special sites include:

Apple's knowledgebase article HT1395 - This article contains all the necessary prerequisite firmware updates before upgrading to Mac OS X 10.2 and above

Mac OS X Updating FAQ

Macintosh Game Page - links to various resources for games on the Mac

Mac OS X speed FAQ - learn about optimizing techniques for Mac OS X

Mail attachment encoders

Mac OS X 10.0 through 10.2's requires that attachments be preencoded prior to being attached and prior to receiving from the other end. These utilities below help both Mac and Windows users encode properly for Mail to receive and send attachments. Mac OS X 10.3 has much fewer instances of needing one of these though attachments should be made Windows friendly by selecting Attach document from the toolbar of a new message window and marking the checkbox on the attach file dialog box: * Note above software marked for Mac OS 9 may work in earlier versions of Mac OS.

MIT Hyperarchive search engine - An info-mac archive in hypertext with built-in search engine

My Internet connectivity for old Macs , OpenTransport , Mac OS X ,FreePPP , andOpenTransport modem/Mac OS X modem support list for use with OT/PPP and Remote Access under System 7.6 or later.

C!Net's Search Engine - A search engine of most of the Mac software available, both commercially and in public domain.
Spin down fix - a short Applescript that prevents nonboot hard drives from spinning down in Mac OS X 10.2.2.

* Note: entries below where no link is present are links where the website address was not able to be verified at last check, and may be removed at the next update. If you have an updated entry, please e-mail me at the address on my guestbook page.

8.286's Windows XP to Mac OS X switcher guide

8.287 Actual Technologies - software developer of an ODBC driver for Microsoft SQL server on Mac OS X supporting Excel, Filemaker, Access

8.288 Adaptec card support under Mac OS X

8.289-8.300 Apple Computer related Mac OS X links

8.301 Aquafiles - Let's you rank and add Mac OS X compatible software download, and inventorieseach file by category and reviews each program.

8.302 Aquafold - Relational crossplatform database software

8.303 Atomic Learning's Tutorials for Mac OS X 10.2. Most are still valid for 10.3, and a very good overview of how to navigate Apple's operating system.

8.304 MacAttorney Mac OS X solutions page

8.305 Audio Hijack - record Realmedia as MP3, and other live recording features with this audio utility.

8.306 AutoDesk's Mac compatible page

8.307 Barebones software, the maker of Super Get Info and BBEdit, and Textwrangler

8.308 Bias Inc - Pro Audio Commercial programs for Mac OS X, Peak VST, and Deck VST

8.309 Blitzmax - crossplatform game development software for Windows and Mac OS X

8.310 Bluetooth cell phone support article from Macdevcenter

8.311 Bootable CD creation in Mac OS X

8.312 Brother printer support in Mac OS X. For more printer support visit this page's unofficial Mac OS X compatible printer driver site listing

CADintosh and CE Soft's Quickkeys are now Mac OS X native
8.313 Canon's guide to their Mac OS X compatible hardware. For more printer support visit this page's unofficial Mac OS X compatible printer driver site listing

8.314 Captain FTP - shareware FTP client with sftp access

8.315 CD Restore - Commercial software by Subrosasoft to copy contents of a scratched CD to a new CD

8.316 Charismac's Discribe - a Mac OS X and Mac OS 9 native DVD and CD burning software

8.317 Charla - a Yahoo chat client for Mac OS X with support for buddy lists. Alternate clients include: Fire, Chitchat.

Chitchat A Yahoo chat client with buddy lists and webcams is now available in Carbon (for Mac OS X native)
8.318 Chronos - Home of the first commercial personal organizer software for Mac OS X called Personal Organizer

8.319 Cinematics by Einstein's Legacy. A shareware playlist based Quicktime and other multimedia format player.

8.320 Cisco product literature and drivers for their Mac products

8.321 C!Net's Mac download search

8.322 Codetech - publisher of Virtual Desktop a utility to extend the usable space of the Mac desktop in Mac OS X.

8.323 ClickBook Mac - print layouts not normally possible for greeting cards, small booklets, and other hard to find layouts.

8.324 Conceptdraw - Visio like crossplatform software available for drawing and diagraming flowcharts, 3-d graphs, and family trees.

8.325 Copycat from Subrosasoft - utility to make clone backups of hard drives.

8.326 Corel Painter for Mac and Windows

8.327 Darwine - an open source initiative to bring Windows to the Mac without emulation.

8.328 DCResource's listing of compatible digital cameras with Mac OS X.

8.329 Delicious Library - shareware to catolog all your books, video and audio purchases, scan with an iSight the barcodes, and manage your entire library of barcoded items on your Mac

8.330 Devon Technologies - software publisher of several unusual utilities using the Services menu of Mac OS X Cocoa applications

Canvas Now is available for Mac OS X with GIS and mapping features for Windows 2000, XP, and Mac OS X
8.331 MacDevcenter - Macintosh open software development guide and projects from O'Reilly publishing with forums.

8.332 Discreet Media Cleaner - now published by Autodesk. "The industry-standard tool for importing, authoring, encoding and delivering interactive streaming media using popular streaming formats, including RealVideo, QuickTime, Windows Media, as well as MPEG-1 and MPEG-2, Handheld devices video, and Video-CD" MPEG-2, Handheld devices video, and Video-CD"

8.333 Disc Blaze An optical disk reader/writer that supports some UDF formats not supported by Mac OS X 10.4.

8.334 Dive Into X's Panther report - A detailed overview of the changes in Mac OS X 10.3 and helpful guide to finding new things about it.

8.335 Dominion Software - developers of Working Papers, a software that "lets you scan in business documents and color photos using many of today's leading scanners. Search by content, filename, volume name, comments, or categories of your making. Organize your documents into collections and find files stored on floppies, CDs, cartridges, or Zip drives."

8.336 Dragon Burn - CD and DVD burning software

8.337 EasyWMA - Converts Windows Meda music files to MP3

8.338 Echupa - Makers of Guitar Shed - software toolkit for guitar enthusiasts

8.339 Entourage and Outlook Express Applescripts for converting addressbook and other data to Mac OS X native programs

8.340 Daz3d (formerly known as Eovia) - 3d software graphics software developer of Carrara Studio.

8.341, 8.342 Epson scanner and printer support page. For more printer support visit this page's unofficial Mac OS X compatible printer driver site listing

8.343 Farallon/Proxim website. Support now only available to registered users.

8.344 Fire - an instant messanging client for Mac OS X able to IM in the following protocols:AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, IRC, MSN and Jabber IM.

8.345 Macfixit from C!Net Troubleshooting board, and news on solving Mac problems

8.346 Flixton Software - developer of a front end software for viewing BBC radio and TV programs on Realplayer

8.347 Frontbase - Crossplatform relational database for FrontBase for Mac OS X, Solaris and RedHat

8.348 Fugu - freeware SFTP, SCP, SSH front end to Mac OS X

8.349 Gameranger - The Macintosh Multiplayer Gaming Service

8.350 Gigawiz - software developer of Aabel a charting and data analysis software for Mac OS X

8.351 MacGIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program, an open source projectto develop a Mac OS X image processing and editing program.

8.352 GPS NavX - GPS and mapping software for Mac OS X

8.353 MacGPS Pro - GPS software compatible Garmin and Magellan GPS units

8.354 GPSy - a GPS and GIS software for the Mac

8.355 Grass GIS for Mac OS X by Sourceforge

8.356 Grouplogic - software developer of crossplatform file server solutions

8.357 Hewlett Packard (HP) products driver download page

8.358 Hotmail plugin for Mac OS X Mail

8.359 Hyperjeff directory of Mac OS X applications

8.360 iCalshare - add calendars from your favorite events to Apple's iCal Calendar program

8.361-8.366Apple's iChat AV (video, voice, instant messanging using .Mac, AIM, and ICQ names) and places you can find other people to iChat with:

8.367 Macidol - compositions shared by users of Apple's Garageband software.

8.368 Ilene's Machines full listing of Apple Tech Info Library articles and other Mac OS X related links and news

8.369 Ilexsoft - the maker of HighDesign, CAD software for the Mac. Supports AutoCAD DXF.

8.370 Macilife - Mac tutorial book author Jim Heid's website on using Apple's suite of video, phone and audio editing software titles of iTunes, iMovie, iDVD, Garageband, and iPhoto

8.371 IllumineX - game software developer.

8.372 iMap - software to design your own maps for data visualization on Mac OS X

8.373 Insider Software - the developer of Font Agent font management software for Mac OS X

8.374 Interactual - software player of special DVD content for Mac OS X. Note, this player is no longer available from the original developer, though Macupdate has held it for archival purposes. Do not download MacKeeper from MacUpdate, as it is a form of malware.

8.375 IOExpert's 802.11b (Airport) driver for Mac OS X

8.376 iPartition - Partition Mac OS X drives without reformatting.

8.377 iPod Express and other software links by Art Coughlin. iPod Express converts your Outlook Express Address book to vCards - the first step in getting them migrated to Mac OS X's address book

8.378 iProof Systems - developer of Epson Raster Image Processing (RIP) software for Mac OS X
Ircle IRC chat with Applescript scripting, DCC video and soundchat available for Mac OS X. ISPq is for videochatting with 4 cameras in separate locations using both Windows and Macs

8.379 Iris OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Software's ReadIris for Mac OS X. Convert scanned images of texts into text files. Mac OS 9 and Windows versions also exist.

8.380 iSwipe - software compatible with Web, FTP, Hotline, Napster, OpenNapster, Gnutella, and Carracho. It is able to search for downloadable files in each protocol.

8.381 Keyboard layouts for languages Apple did not include with Mac OS X

8.382 Launay Software - Software developer of Ebony and Ivory, a tool for musicians to see chords on barscales

8.383 Lightworks for Mac OS X - Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) rendering for the Mac

8.384 Lotus Notes for Mac

Macmame now supports Mac OS X
8.385 Man pages - the complete help guide to all of the command line functions in Mac OS X. Man is Unix shorthand for manual help page

8.386 Marine Aquarium - Crossplatform realistic desktop and screen saver of underwater aquarium for Mac OS 9, X, and MS Windows.

8.387 Mariner Software - makers of compatible Word and Excel alternative software Mariner Write and Mariner Calc

8.388-8.390 Mozilla (the crossplatform open source web browser that developed from Netscape), and a pinstripe theme for Mozilla

8.391 Menu Calendar Clock - Shareware to add a full fledged calendar to your menubar clock with iCal integration

8.392 Microsoft Windows Media - Now has been redirected to plugins for Flip4Mac. The old PowerPC versio is only available from third party

8.393 Midnight Mage - software developer of Roll Call Directory, an enhancement program for Apple's Addressbook that offers album style printouts of your contacts and other neat features.

8.394 "MMISoftware - makers of iCalMaker, Power on X and Web Photos for Mac OS X"

8.395 Nisus Writer Express - Unicode support, multiple undos, grep, perl, Microsoft Word compatible word processor

8.396 Ogg Vorbis music protocol support for iTunes and Quicktime in Mac OS X

8.397 Open Office - developed from the source of Sun Microsystems StarOffice, a competitor of Microsoft Office, this software is currently being tested for Mac OS X.

8.398 OPhoneX - MSN and Netmeeting compatible video conferencing for the Mac!

8.399 OSX - Find all your Mac OS X audio resources here

8.400 MacOS X hints - A web based bulletin board of hints and tips using Apple's new operating system.

8.401 Mac OS X Labs - a website for making educational computer lab setups of Mac OS X easier.

8.402 Mac OS X printer support page.

8.403 Mac OS X speed FAQ - Find out how to install X for optimal performance. Last updated

8.404 OS X Zone - News and forums, as well as their Cube-Zone for news and forums on Apple's PowerMac G4 Cube.

8.405 PDF Plugin for Safari and Print Selection by Schubert-it

8.406 Phone Valet - "Announces who is calling before you take the call!...Locates the number in your phonebook then dials it for you!...Reports to you how much time you spent on the phone and with whom...Acts on your behalf when calls come in; selectively sends email or invokes scripts."

Macplay now has Mac OS X compatible version of Giants: Citizen Kabuto
8.407 Print Center repair - software solving issues with Mac OS X's Printing background application.

8.408 Microsoft Remote Desktop - access PCs from anywhere in the world using your Mac

8.409 RC Default App - A system pane to allow you to edit the default MIME types used for matching documents to Applications, eases the changing of the Open With preference in Mac OS X.

8.410 ResExcellence's Mac OS X tips page

8.411 Route66 for Mac OS 9.1 through X, and Windows - road map software with GPS support coverage in the U.S.and Europe.

8.412 Security in Mac OS X - Apple's site geared towards understanding how to keep Mac OS X secure

8.413 SETI@Home Mac OS X download, and additional directions from Berkeley

8.414, 8.415Silverfast AI driver software for scanners on Mac OS X (listed at C!Net) and its homepage . Also see Vuescan for additional scanner support options.

8.416 Smile Software's Page Sender Fax software for Mac OS X

8.417 Softintegration - developer of crossplatform C++ graphics library called SIGL for 2d and 3d graph creation

8.418 Sonnet technologies - download page for upgrades to their processors for Mac OS X.

8.419-8.422 Sourceforge - home of open source downloads, discussions, and their full XFree86 download package for Mac OS, Aqua interface called Oroborosx for XFree86, and Currently ongoing Mac OS and Mac OS X open source projects, and GUI front end to software developed under fink called Finkcommander

8.423 SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences) for Mac OS X

8.424 SQL Manager for Mac OS X from MacOS Guru. Supporting "Oracle 7, Oracle 8, Oracle 9i, MS SQL Server 7, MS SQL Server 2000, PostgreSQL, OpenBase, Sybase ASE 12.x and MySQL"

8.425 Steelray Project Viewer - view Microsoft Project files on your Mac without using Microsoft Project!

8.426 Stepwise - a programmer's guide to Mac OS X

8.427 Supercard - application builder for multimedia similar to Hypercard, and able to import many Hypercard programs.

8.428 Digidesign now sells TC Tools. Used to be part of TC Electronic. Crossplatform audio editing software.

8.429 Think Free Office for Mac OS X. A multiplatform inexpensive Microsoft Office alternative

8.430 Timepalette - desktop animated maps of the world showing time of day for Mac OS8.6 through X

8.431 TNT Geospatial Analysis for Mac OS X, supports ESRI vector and raster formats!

8.432, 8.433 MacTeX - Typesetting computer programming language, now compatible with Mac OS 8, 9, and X. Visit the guide to TeX

8.434 Printfab (formerly Turboprint) alternative Brother, Canon, Epson, and HP drivers for Mac OS X

8.435 Macupdate's Mac OS X compatible software listing of numerous third party vendors. NOTE: IGNORE THE MACKEEPER ADVERTISEMENTS. THIS SOFTWARE CAN NOT BE REMOVED WITH AUTHOR'S OWN INSTRUCTIONS.Apple Support Communities has numerous instances where this software has caused more problems than it solved.

8.436 Verizon Broadband Support - software for the Express Network PC Card, PC 5220

8.437 Versiontracker's is no more. It has been taken over by C!Net downloads

8.438 Voice Commander - a Mac OS X voice based launcher and keyboard control program.

8.439 Vuescan - shareware by Hamrick, supports these scanners under Mac OS 9, X, and Windows also see Silverfast

8.440 Website Illumnator - Java software to verify links on websites

8.441Wireless support for third party wireless cards on Mac OS X can be found from: Sourceforge.

8.442 Wolfram Research - Makers of Mathematica, a statistical and mathematical computation analysis package used by many different educators. Now available for Mac OS X

8.443 X Appeal - News about Apple's Mac OS X

8.444 Xenotype Unicode language kits for Mac OS X - language kits for language type not included with Mac OS X

8.445 XFree86 - an XWindows port for Mac OS X, BSD and Linux systems.

8.446 MacXM - XM Radio control for the Mac

8.447 X vs. XP - a website comparing the two major consumer operating systems

8.448 software search engine for Mac software now is on Macworld.

8.449 Zork. The old command-line adventure game gets reborn in Mac OS X! Instructions for setting up Zork on Mac OS X!
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