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Known Mac OS X compatible drivers from 10.0 through 10.11

Known Mac OS X compatible drivers from 10.0 through 10.15

February 8, 2020 Added section for Catalina, Mac OS  10.15.

September 30, 2018 Some printers are coming in as incompatible with Mojave (10.14) on Apple Support Communities. Printer and scanner updates for Mojave posted.

January 27, 2016 fixes two more printer driver links on Apple's download page to support El Capitan. I've indicated the latest release date of drivers that I could find. September 30, 2015, 10.11 was released, and older drivers may not work with it. Check with the manufacturer for your individual printer driver to see if they have a download for El Capitan, even if the download below was dated before El Capitan. They may have already tested the software with El Capitan. If they have, you may have to download the driver directly from the manufacturer. Such was the case with the Canon Pixma MX922. Its driver was from February 2015, and yet, labelled on Canon's website as El Capitan compatible. Downloading it direct from there, and it works. The scanner though will not appear on Image Capture anymore, and you have to download the Canon IJ drivers separately on 10.11 and 10.11.1, though this does not support the Automatic Document Feeder. 10.11.2 fixes this issue. When you Option click Add driver in Apple menu ->System Preferences -> Printers and Scanners to add drivers, you will sometimes get the printer or scanner that already is plugged in as a driver. In those instances, you can use the drivers that are old. I have started an Apple Support Communities thread to discuss this issue. As it happens I also joined Apple's bugreporter program and they informed me it was fixed with 10.11.2. As I had just upgraded to 10.11.3, I went to check if it had been fixed and now the document feeder reappears in Image Capture. As also mentioned in the thread, under some circumstances, you can download the driver from the manufacturer which is stated to be 10.11 compatible and install it from there, even if the driver is not newer than El Capitan's release. So always check both Apple and the manufacturer for updated drivers even if it is not available from Apple, and install its latest driver.

Others have found going as far back as 10.9's scanner driver to help their Canon MP630. Unfortunately as long as printer and scanner developers fail to supply Apple with updates, you may or may not be in for a rude awakening trying to use your peripheral with El Capitan. Lastly, other issues with 10.11 over prior operating systems are covered on my Upgrade FAQ.

This page has direct links to many of the printer vendors Mac OS X information page, as well as solutions to changes in the Mac OS X operating system that aren't supported by the printer vendors, yet supported by open source programmers. Note, this list is by no means comprehensive. If you find a printer that supports Mac OS X not listed here, please e-mail me from my guestbook page.

Page last changed: Feb 8, 2020
This page is arranged into the following sections:

Brother (Oct 8, 2015),

Canon Laser (Nov 3, 2015)

Epson January 27, 2016

Lexmark (Jan 27, 2016)

Xerox/Fuji (January 27, 2016)

Gestetner Printer (January 27, 2016)

Infotec (Januay 27, 2016)

Lanier (January 27, 2016)

Savin (January 27, 2016)

Ricoh (January 27, 2016)

NRG (January 27, 2016)

Printers not listed above have El Capitan drivers available directly from their vendors, as listed below:

HP - has more direct info about compatible printers on their support documents page including 10.11 compatibility.

Canon has this page to find if your printer is El Capitan Compatible:

Kodak has a generic 7.9 driver for all in one printers and El Capitan:

Dell's listing is here:

Samsung gave me the Yosemite & El Capitan printers via their online support chat, as they have not made a specific page for these:

Sl-C1810, Sl-C1860, SL-C410, SL-M2020, Sl-M2070, SL-M2835, SL-M2875, SL-M2885

Catalina, Mac OS 10.15

10.15 Catalina manufacturer links.:

Ricoh: On October 24th 2019, Ricoh updated many of their Sierra and later drivers including drivers compatible with Catalina on the website. Select the Or Option on the right side of the page to find out if yours is one of them.


Epson has this help page for scanners. Their printer support is on the driver individual pages.

has more tips from Epson.


Hewlett Packard & Samsung.



Mac OS 10.14 Mojave