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Welcome to index of Supplementary and Alternative Operating Systems related sites.
Links last checked: August 11, 2017

Other OSes
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10.1 - an enthusiast's website covering all news regarding one of the 1980s and 1990s premier gaming and graphics platforms


10.2 - website with news, and links relevant to the gaming operating system

10.3 Emulator Zone - emulators for every platform

10.4 Nostalgia and PowerST, two Atari Emulators for the Mac

Handheld computers

10.5 Access Company - formerly known as Actual Soft

10.6 Avantgo - was acquired by Sybase and now uses technology for Big Data Warehousing

10.7 Handspring website now part of Palmone's Smartphones website

10.8 Landware - software and hardware for Palm, Windows CE, and Newton handhelds

10.9, 10.10, Macintosh Support Page.

10.11 Palmgear - More Palm Resources

10.12 Palm pilot archives

Network Computers

10.13 WebTV support


10.14 Fakenes - A crossplatform Nintendo emulator


10.15 OS/2 Warp Homepage

10.16 OS/2 Warp News and Rumors


10.17 Debian Linux - has ports for PowerPC & 68k Macintoshes, 68k Macs, Sun, MIPs, Intel machines and other computers

10.18 Frontbase - Crossplatform relational database for FrontBase for Mac OS X, Solaris and RedHat

10.19 - the group supporting FreeBSD, The Berkeley founded Unix operating system. News and links affecting different ports of the operating system.

10.20 Freshmeat - news, chat, and forums in the open source community of Linux developers

10.21 Linux beginner's guides from the Linux foundation

10.22 Linux's home page. The free Unix for all machines

10.23 Linux - Everything you need to know about Linux but were afraid to ask.

10.24 Mac06 - A Posix based Unix operating system for the Macintosh

10.25 Mac OS X - Apple's new operating system based on FreeBSD Unix and the Mach Kernal. Find more Mac OS X links on this page by typing Mac OS X on thesearch on the side. For more Mac OS X info visit my Mac OS X links

10.26 Mandrake Linux for the Mac

10.27 Mac 68k Linux - Linux made for Apple's pre-PowerPC machines (pre-1994)

10.28 NetBSD - a crossplatform Unix based networking standard, used in Mac OS X and numerous other unices.

10.29 Netscape's platform download page

10.30 PearPC - PowerPC emulator for PCs, allows limited emulation of up to Mac OS X on Intel and AMD machines

10.31 Red Hat software, the makers of a Linux implementation.

10.32 Suse Linux - An implementation of Linux supporting Mac and PC hardware

10.33 XFree86 - an XWindows port for Mac OS X, BSD and Linux systems.

10.34 Yellowdog Linux - Another PowerPC Linux Return to top of page