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AnyDesk Configuration

Macmaps Currently utilizes remote access tools by AnyDesk to offer remote assistance on both Macs and PC (PC directions from third party).  

Downloading and setup is discussed below for the Mac.

Mac Configuration-

1. Download the following link for Mac OS El Capitan through Monterey (Mac OS 10.11 through 12.0)

Similar directions exist for Yosemite (Mac OS 10.10 on this link):

2. A dialog should appear to open with the image mounter:

3. Click OK.  If all is well, it will open with:

4. At which point you simply click and drag the AnyDesk icon over the Applications icon.

Then Open the Applications folder by double clicking it in the icon above, and it will reveal the window below:

5. From there, simply double click Anydesk on the window that looks like above.

6. Click Open if asked on the above window.

7. This will bring up the main window for Anydesk.   If it says Install now, or configure click on the install now or configure on the left side of the image below:

8. That will bring up the Security System Preferences skip to step 11 if it goes to Security and Privacy, step 10, if only at System Preferences.  If it doesn't, go to Apple menu

9. and pick system preferences, from the second item in the menu:

10 In System Preferences Pick Security and Privacy

11. In Security and Privacy, pick Privacy at the top.    This will reveal two scroll lists.  

Before you go through them, pick the pad lock on the bottom left corner, and unlock with the password used to login your computer.

Then scroll down the left group, and pick Accessibility, Full Disk Access, Files and Folders, and check off AnyDesk in the right list on each one.

12. When you click on Quit in the System Preferences menu,

13. it will ask if you want to Quit and reopen Anydesk, and you will want to.

14. Once it reopens, share the "This Desk" in the upper left corner of AnyDesk window is a 9 digit number separated by spaces

which you can share with the tech working with you.

15. Once the tech connects a black window similar to this, will open with the word confirm on the bottom. 

Confirm in green to allow the tech on.

The rest is between you and the tech.