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Common PC and Mac file formats and their common applications.

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Many of the data formats below also have a web based converter that should be tried before purchasing any software.

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M1 processor support. Apple's newly released processor in 2020 lacks Boot Camp Support, but Parallels, mentioned below offers Windows virtualization on the processor.

If you came to this page as a direct link from elsewhere, check my Migrating from 9 to X FAQ for additional software title search engines for the Mac, if the kind of software you need isn't found here. Additional software titles ones will be added to this page as time permits. If you would like to suggest a title be included, please e-mail me. Three separate link pages on my site of interest include my Macgamepages FAQ, My web browser FAQ, and my Printers FAQ.
RAGE Macintosh Explorer which combines the best of Microsoft Windows and Mac file management including tree based directory file management. Many of the formats below can be converted online through the website: Zamzar including Microsoft Publisher.

The following outline links to a series of tables that include Mac software equivalent titles to Windows compatible titles that work without emulation or virtualization: