Versions of iLife bundled with Mac OS X

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January 9, 2001 iDVD was bundled with the G4/733 PowerMac with built-in Superdrives. Future versions of iDVD were bundled with Macs with built-in Superdrives, and later when iLife was first released with iLife itself.

July 18th, 2001 iDVD 2 was bundled with the current G4s that had Superdrives.

January 7, 2002 iPhoto 1 was bundled with retail 10.1 and iMovie 2 was also bundled with 10.1 retail. Of course they were also bundled with Macs in the same time period.

August 24, 2002, iPhoto and iMovie continued to be bundled with Mac OS X 10.2 retail when that was released as well as new Macs that shipped with 10.2.

January 7, 2003 iPhoto 2 and iMovie 3 were released with the original iLife. October 25, 2003 they were also bundled 10.3 retail when that was released. iDVD 3 was released and bundled with Macs that shipped with a Superdrive.

January 6, 2004 iPhoto 4 and iMovie 4 were made available only separately as part of iLife '04 and bundled with Mac systems shipped after that date, as well as later versions of iPhoto following the same bundling process. iDVD was bundled with iLife '04 package and future versions of iLife contained newer releases of iDVD. Garageband was introduced with iLife '04.

January 11, 2005 iLife '05 applications of iTunes, iPhoto, and iMovie were released and included as part of Panther installer discs.

April 25, 2005 iPhoto and iMovie were no longer included with Mac OS X retail with the release of 10.4.

January 10, 2006 iWeb was introduced with iLife '06, and only bundled with iLife, and new Macs which shipped on and after this date.

August 7, 2007 iLife '08 released.

December 15, 2008 iLife prebundled with special Mac OS X retail labelled "Mac Box Set", not to be confused for the full retail box that only includes the operating system DVD.

January 6, 2009 iLife '09 released.
August 28, 2009 Mac Box Set updated with Snow Leopard's release.

October 20, 2010 iLife '11 released.

July 20, 2011 iDVD is still part of retail boxed version of iLife '11 but not in the App Store, nor Lion prebundled Macs.  Lion

Prebundled Macs are outlined at the bottom of the Snow Leopard tip I wrote.

A history of iLife System Requirements can be found on

iTunes has always been bundled with Mac OS X retail.
iDVD has never been bundled with Mac OS X retail until the boxed iLife '11 version.
Garageband has never been bundled with Mac OS X retail.
iWeb has never been bundled with Mac OS X retail.

Newer versions of iLife are available on the Mac App Store that support Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks.  Check and the iLife forum for experiences:

When iLife was bundled with a specific Mac, and is not included with a specific retail version of Mac OS X as indicated above, these restore directions let you install those iLife applications from the original restore discs which shipped with the specific Mac:

See article if your Mac came with iLife '04.

Another user tip addresses the issue of new Macs not coming with iDVD: