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Macs capable of using Mac OS 9 and the iPad

The same Macs that are capable of dual booting into 9 and 10.5 can also use the iPad:


Although, you will likely need to add a bus powered PCMCIA or PCI card that offers USB 2. As these Macs did not come with USB 2 built-in an upgrade card will be needed. This tip will be revised once the iPad comes out and people find out which PCI and PCMCIA cards are compatible.


The other option is to get a USB 2 compatible PowerPC Mac, and partition or add a second bootable Firewire hard drive and load 10.4.11 or less on the second partition or hard drive. Partitioning is described here:


This will allow you to continue to use Classic on a boot that has 10.4.11 or earlier, while booting into 10.5 or later to use the iPad. While not as compatible for Mac OS 9 drivers and applications, it is still an option.


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