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kmosx2: Web loads slowly, or crashes

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Mac OS X has several web browsers available to it as not
every webpage conforms to standards. If everyone did, and used server side technologies much of the problems people experience with the web today would be eliminated. There is even an Any Browser campaign to make the web more accessible. Below are the web browsers available to Mac OS X as of the writing of this FAQ, and who to contact if you find there are issues with a specific web browser:

Internet Explorer (built-in) as of writing of this FAQ. Feedback is through Microsoft Product Feedback page

Apple Computer's Safari. Feedback is through the Report Bugs to Apple found in the Safari menu once the web browser is open.

iCab. Feedback is via e-mail

Opera. Feedback is via the Contact Opera Software pag

Omniweb. Feedback is e-mail

Mozilla. Feedback is via Bugzilla website for this and Camino, and Firebird web browsers.



Netscape and its Netscape Browser Central feedback page.

Note some Java issues may be improved on Mac OS X by upgrading to Mac OS X 10.2.3 or higher and using Java 1.4.1 software and/or using the MRJ Carbon Plugin. Others need to be addressed by contacting the webmaster and asking them to only use Sun Java and not Microsoft Java on their website. At this time no Mac web browser can view ActiveX based web pages though solutions at for running Windows on the Mac will allow you to run web browsers that require ActiveX. Any webpage using ActiveX as the basis for its design should seriously consider using other technologies that are more portable across browsers and platform if they want the best audience possible.

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