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Kad: When posting, please post a new topic if you don't have an answer!

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Occasionally you may be tempted to add your voice to a chorus of complaints. Unfortunately, if what you are here for is to get assistance for a problem which you can't find an answer for, trailing an existing thread with a second complaint, is usually considered bad form. It has been given the nickname of "threadjacking." Instead, when you don't have an answer, and are seeking an answer, start a new topic by clicking on the Discussions header links of the board below the big bold text "Apple Discussions" to locate the board most appropriate for your question. Once you have found the board appropriate for your question, above the posts on the upper left should be a "Post New Topic" link. Use that link to create your own topic. If that link is not there, you have probably already entered another thread, and if that is the case, use the link Back to Topic List link to return to where you can Post a New Topic.

Here are the advantages to not threadjacking:

1. You will get a much wider audience of possible experts to help you out.
2. The original poster of the thread will not get advice that does not pertain to their situation, and you won't get advice that doesn't pertain to your situation. You wouldn't want either you or the other person to get the wrong advice and try something which could make them get more in a hole.
3. The experienced users with this situation won't get confused who they are offering advice to and give the wrong advice to the wrong person.

Thank you!

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