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Can Macs use Blu-ray discs?

Until recently Macs using Mac OS X could only author Blu-ray discs.   And none come with a built-in Bluray drive.  Many HD videos are available on the iTunes store and other third party streaming and download services if you want to watch HD videos on your Mac.   Macs will not play Windows Media DRM video without installing Windows directly on them (see the virtualized solutions link below).


Third Party Solutions include






Directions for using iDeer are also online.


Options for authoring Blu-ray have come from Apple in the form of Compressor in Final Cut Studio, and the third party Roxio Toast Titanium.

Blu-ray burners that work with them include ones sold by OtherWorld Computing and MCETechnologies and both can replace the built-in DVD burner of

most Macs. 

Lastly, purchasing one of those two drive manufacturer's drives may enable Blu-ray playback under virtualization solutions.  Check with the virtualized developer and the drive manufacturer if any Blu-ray players for Windows work on the virtualized products.

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