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Can you connect Macs to TVs?

The answer to this yes.  Some Macs offer more capabilities than others.   Mini-DisplayPort was a port added to many Macs that enhanced the ability of Macs to connect to TV, once it was integrated with audio.   The early Mini-Displayports didn't support audio, but all had mini-Toslink ports for DTS sound support which could be connected to another digital audio connector, or an integrated miniDisplayport & mini-Toslink adapter input to HDMI output adapter. The article states which Macs had built-in audio connections through mini-DisplayPort, and which adapters could take advantage of them going to HDMI:


If your Mac has some form of DVI, it can also be connected to HDMI, but needs a separate connector for audio from the Mac.  Some adapters included both mini-Toslink and DVI connectors for input and HDMI output.  For those that didn't have either support, both AppleTV offers any Airport Extreme capable Mac the ability to rent and buy video from the iTunes store and broadcast it to the TV.  This user tip explains what requirements exist for AppleTV:

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