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Security Update 2012-001 may disable printing, scanning, and some PowerPC applications

It appears that several people have not been able to print or scan from PowerPC applications (also known as Rosetta applications)*, or use certain PowerPC applications in 10.6.8 after applying the 2012-001 Security update.  This link, and the update through Software update have been updated with a version 1.1 of the patch.    Applying the version 1.1 of the patch typically solves the issue.   If for some reason it does not, it is best resolved by recovering from your backup, and applying the 10.6.8 combo update.  If there is no backup, backup your documents as they stand, make sure you have your software installers, and erase and install 10.6 that installed on your system, and then apply the same combo update, and bring back the documents, and install the applications.   Apple has also released a followup security update to address the Flashback trojan.


Additional solutions of extracting Rosetta may be found on the forum, however, at this point it is unknown what further consequence it might pose to future upgrades.

If you have this issue, please contact AppleCare and give Apple feedback.


* PowerPC and Rosetta applications and drivers are versions of software written for Macs produced before 2006 that used the Intel CPU.   Most applications after the 2006 release were produced either as Universal for both PowerPC and Intel CPU, or exclusively for Intel CPU.   Look at applications and drivers that are compatible with 10.7 to be sure the you are getting applications that don't need PowerPC support, and those that have 10.6 & 10.7 support won't be affected by this update.

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  • a brody Feb 4, 2012 11:41 AM

    I've rewritten this tip, since I couldn't find it originally.  Please keep the one with reference to the 1.1 patch and delete this one.

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