10.3 & earlier and Java

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Those without Firewire as shown below:

User uploaded file

but with USB is necessary to get the latest Java found on one of these two links after upgrading to 10.3.9:


Java for Mac OS X 10.3 Update 5

Those with Firewire should at least consider updating to 10.4.11 to get a later Java, as is described in this tip:


Those with G3 processors able to be upgraded to Mac OS X, but no USB ports built-in, may update to 10.2.8, and use this update page to find their update:

Mac OS X 10.2: Chart of available Mac OS X 10.2 software updates

Note some of these updates may be difficult to find, and might need searching as described here:

Knowledgebase links of the info.apple.com format no longer work

How to find Mac OS 9 downloads?