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A catalog of all my Apple Support Community tips

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Note: Due to Apple's upcoming modification of their Support Community page on 12/5/2018 these tip links will be updated shortly to reflect a mirror I have made on my page

Below you'll find the 280 tips I've written for Apple Support Communities, the official Apple Inc support discussion group. Some titles begin with a kmos2 or similar code, for Apple Support Community catalog search engines. Additional tips I've written for the Mac are on my own website along with my Macintosh Technical Support services.

Does any version of 10.5 offer Boot Camp for PowerPC Macs?

Clearing Open With... in contextual menus

What is beta and alpha software?

How to eject your disc?

Installing 10.4/10.5 on a Mac with a broken/or incompatible optical drive

Classic capability by machine age

kad: Can I contact Apple for my repair here?

My data has become inaccessible, and I don't have a backup!

Why do I need Firewire and what is it?

What should I do if I find a used machine without the original CDs?

Hard drive formats which can be written to and booted off of

Versions of iLife bundled with Mac OS X

Installing HP Scanjet Drivers for the 2400, 3670, 3690, & 3970 on 10.5

kmosx: Restoring Classic with restore disks articles

kmos: What files should I not touch if my machine is functioning perfectly?

Macs capable of using Mac OS 9 and the iPad

kmosx: What to do when Disk Utility/fsck is unable to Repair Disk?

White text on black background straight to login screen/desktop good boot

kmosx: How to recover if you can't repair with Disk Utility

Identifying iMac and Mac Mini - new Macs since January 2006 are not G5s

System cache cleaning - when is it safe, and when is not?

Mac models capable of dual-booting into 10.5 and Mac OS 9

kmosx2: If you have issues after updating X

kmosx: Tip: GPS resources for the Mac

kmos: Apple programs with internet access may not connect if proxies are on

kmosx: How to handle .exe files?

kmosx: System Utilities for Jaguar & Panther

Always make sure to get the original discs when you buy a Mac

kmosx2: Restoring Mac OS 9 on a bootable Mac

Transfer original installer discs whenever selling old Macs

kpbg4: How do I forward delete?

After updating or installing new software my audio is muted

kmos9: eMacs which will and won't boot MacOS 9

Myths about the disappearance of 9 and Classic dispelled

kmosx: Why is my hard drive filling up?

kmosx2: Archive and Install loses iApp docs

kmosx2: How do I change my memory allocation?

kmosx2: DVD Playback not working in Mac OS X

kad: Question about a future software

kmosx2: I don't get Mac X, what can I do?

kmosx: Update appears to have killed my computer/peripheral/non-OS software

kmosx: I can't find the Mac OS 9 installer!

kad: Testing your internet connection speed

Can't read certain DVDs

kmosx3: Steps to upgrade to 10.3

Liquid Coolant Macs

kmosx: Known reasons for hard disk filling up

Third party options to upgrading past 10.3.9

kmosx2: My computer won't wake from sleep!

kmosx3: Energy Saver (Sleep) & 3rd party USB

Microsoft Keyboards and mice not responding in Finder

kmosx: FAQ - Macs & the one button mouse

kqt7: How to make a video iPod compatible video with Quicktime Pro

operating system installer disc won't boot or install

kmidi: 5.1 audio on recent Apple hardware

kmosx3: Firewire drives may lose data @ 10.3

Trouble reading Western Digital external drives

Macs capable of booting Leopard Mac OS X 10.5 without special help

kmosx2: System logs out on login

How do I downgrade my Mac OS X operating system

kmosx2: Can't delete or move a file

kmosx2: I restart my computer in 4 languages!

kmosx: Can new machines run Mac OS 9?

kibook: How to prevent iBook hardware failure

kmosx2: Important steps before upgrading OS

kmos: General: hard disk is not visible at startup!

Backup now, or forever hold your peace

kad: Avoid posting your e-mail address in Apple Discussions

kmosx: Can I run AutoCad on Mac OS X?

kmosx4: Some Speedtouch DSL modems don't work on Tiger

Can't search Discussions!

kmosx2: What is that transparent bar?

kmosx2: Help, a program unexpectedly quits!

kmosx2: What scanners are supported by OS X?

kmos: My Mac won't boot from a disk

kmosx2: Apple keyboard isn't accepting input?

kmos: What does Mac OS X only booting in 2003 mean?

How to read a blank e-mail body with iOS or Mac OS X Mail (iPad, iMac, etc)

kmosx2: Web loads slowly, or crashes

Advanced search of knowledgebase

kmosx2: Don't move applications from folder

LCD appears to be broken - what can I do?

kmosx2: How do I capture into an image?

kmosx: Creating a bootable CD using Mac OS X

kmos9: Black screen after booting from OS 9

kmosx2: Panther questions please read

What files are safe to delete or move?

kmosx2: When to use sudo rm -rf?

Generate a Post New Topic link, (Forum Link)

kmb kmbp: How to deal with MacBook Pro and MacBook heat?

kmosx: Safe utilities to use by operating system

kmosx: Before installing Mac OS X 10.2 or later, check firmware

kad: Identify your Mac articles

kmosx2: Additional Mac OS X speed solutions

kmosx2:10.2.4 makes my modem disconnect more

kmosx2: How to get performance from games

Can I download my Mac OS upgrade?

Can I run Mac OS X on a custom built or non-Apple Commercial PC?

kmosx: Mac OS X dialup internet settings

Kmosx2: The cost of Jaguar

kmosx: Mac OS X printers updated Jan 7 2003

kmosx2: What's the deal with 10.2.8?

Do I have the most current release of Java?

kmosx: How to remove Classic from a system where it is installed?

kimacfp: Dead pixels

kmosx: General troubleshooting freezes

kidvd: Shapeshifter themes may prevent DVD Player from playing movie DVDs

kmosx: How to troubleshoot an X issue before posting

Kad: When posting, please post a new topic if you don't have an answer!

kimac: iMac CRT- No display, yet video out works

Making Adobe CS2 and Intel Macs cooperate

What happened to the 10.3 Print dialog Fax button in 10.4?

kmosx: Installation options and their meaning

kmosx2: I thought Macs didn't need activation?

ksafari: Where do I submit feedback about Safari?

kmos: Erasing the hard disk to troubleshoot - a last resort option

kmosx2: What disk utilities are safe for OS X

kmosx2: How to delete Mac OS X 10.2 prefs?

Target Disk Mode doesn't work, what went wrong?

kmb: My MacBook auto-shuts off on its own, how to solve?

I'm seeing on the boards what appears to be general hardware issue

Are Intel Macs G5s?

My notebook, CPU, or power adapter seem too hot

Printer stuck on pause, error -300

Computer won't finish booting, or won't finish shutting down, or is frozen

kad: Recording audio cassette tapes to USB capable Macs.

kipod: The buttons are too sensitive for me!

How to get on the internet on the road?

Will any update from Apple solve all problems stated on this board?

How do I protect my machine from being damaged by lightning?

How to Install Leopard Troublefree

Third party guides to identify your Mac

kimacG5: Optical Audio out and surround sound systems

Classic, Rosetta, and 32/64 bit revisited.

kad: What is in a name: Definitions for MAC, Mac, Apple, Macintosh.

New Apple devices, and what to do about them?

Macs and Software that will run with Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6.x)

Lion (10.7) upgrade questions

AppleWorks for the modern day, a migration tip

Use the Startup Manager if 'C' key fails to work

Mac OS X Tiger System requirements

What do I need for iCloud on a Mac?

What is the difference between iMac PPC and iMac Intel?

Which iMac do I have and where should I post?

Where do I post questions regarding 10.7 (Lion) Server?

Is my iMac an iMac PPC or Intel?

Is this the category for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch/Maverick's iBook eBooks?

If I have an iMac G3, G4, or G5, can I upgrade to 10.6 or above?

iTunes 10.5.1 doesn't work with 10.6? Do I need to upgrade to 10.7 Lion?

Running Windows on a Mac, and Connecting it to Mac

How to find Mac OS 9 downloads?

How to uninstall a program?

How do I contact the App Store customer service?

What type of machine do I have?

Can AppleTV make my TV a wireless display of my Mac?

10.3 system requirements upgrading to and beyond

How to find DHCP Client IP addresses on Airport Utility in 10.7?

Can Macs use Blu-ray discs?

iPods compatible with Firewire are best for pre-USB 2 Macs

Can you connect Macs to TVs?

Sound lost after upgrade

Security Update 2012-001 may disable printing, scanning, and some PowerPC applications

Why won't Tiger install disc 2?

Quicken for Lion and Mountain Lion.

Mac Mini upgrade options

How to format a drive, or disc for maximum portability?

Which firmware, dvd, or display update applies to my iMac?

Upgrading to Snow Leopard or later requirements.

Do I need Leopard to install Snow Leopard, or Snow Leopard to install Lion?

How do I stop the Finder and other applications from restoring windows?

What Mac/Mac Operating system is supported?

Apple Man(ual) Pages - a guide to available commands from Terminal

Don't install MacKeeper, or any system utility on a Mac without first backing up your data

Flashback malware and Java issues.

Mountain Lion 10.8 Updating requirements

What adapter do I need for my TV, Display or Projector?

Applications have no audio after Mountain Lion upgrade.

Can I upgrade a PowerMac past 10.5.8?

Is there a forum for 10.8 (Mountain Lion)?

How do I change my e-mail address on Apple's website

Use the Option key, when possible instead of 'C' key to boot discs

Knowledgebase links of the info.apple.com format no longer work

Macs that support iPads

I have a MacBook Pro or Air, am I posting to the right place?

ExFat formatted hard drives

I have lost an application I downloaded

iPad Apps quit without warning, how to fix?

Powerbook operating system and other feature support

Java and Mac OS X 10.8

Mackeeper, do not install

Avoid MacKeeper at all costs

Mackeeper may be the cause of your slowdown

Do not install Mackeeper, it may slow your machine down

Front Row is possible under Lion and Mountain Lion

Toggle from mirroring to dual displays

How to toggle between mirroring and extended desktop

How to toggle between mirroring and extended desktop

Toggle between mirroring and extended desktop

iOS 6 and above, and Mac OS X 10.5.x

What you need for Mavericks, OS X 10.9 & Yosemite 10.10

iOS 6 & Mac OS X 10.5

iOS 6 and Mac OS X 10.5 compatibility

iOS 6 and Mac OS X 10.5 compatibility

Which OS do I have and where should I post?

WD, Seagate, and Toshiba drives

Upgrading to 10.7 and above, don't forget Rosetta!

I have an iBook computer, is this the correct place to post?

Do I have a Powerbook or a MacBook?

Can you make a Mac a second display to another?

Most common Wifi issues

When to repair the directory?

How to find your Mac's model and age?

Do I have a Power Mac?

Java and Flash & Mac OS X 10.5

Java and Mac OS X 10.4

Sleep indicator light behavior

Sleep indicator light behavior

Mac Mini Intel: Sleep indicator light behavior

Sleep indicator light behavior

Antivirus protection and Mac OS X

Posting to Apple Support Communities, helping translate all languages

Safari 6.1.1 for Lion

What can I upgrade my eMac to?

Web browsing and iMac PPC

Web Browsing and Power Macs

Mac Mini web browsing capabilities by CPU type

eMac web browsing capabilities

What wireless card to put in my iBook?

Appleworks users, before upgrading please read

Appleworks users, please read this before migrating

Appleworks users please read this tip

What is the latest iTunes and iOS device I can use with 10.4?

10.9.2 and Airplay issues

Rosetta/PowerPC Applications and Lion and above

What airport card to put in my Powerbook?

Power behavior issues with iMac Intel

What iBook do I have?

Nikon D800E compatibility with Mavericks

I have the latest Java, and websites still fail to work

Java and Mac OS X 10.9

Java and website compatibility

How to post an image in Apple Support Communities

How to eliminate slow Mac problems

Mac OS X 10.6 Server available by phone order

iOS 6 devices on PowerPC support

iOS 6 and PowerPC support.

iOS devices and eMacs

iOS devices and Powerbooks

iOS devices and iBooks

Mac Mini G4s and iOS

Alternatives to Microsoft Office

Mac App Store popping up, pushing Mavericks (10.9) to 10.6 users

Tip on fixing Maverick's advertisement popup on 10.6.8

Adobe Flash and 2006 & 2007 Macs

Most common WiFi issues

10.9.3 and color/colorsync issues

Mavericks Scanner Support

Most common WiFi issues

Websites have started showing "Yosemite" compatibility

Old style view of Apple Support Communities

Upgrading to Snow Leopard or later

My MacBook doesn't work with the 10.6 retail disc

iChat changes effective July 1, 2014

Are there 10.4 systems that can upgrade to 10.11

Which 10.5 systems can upgrade to 10.11?

iCloud and Mac OS X Lion (10.7)

Resolving NSURLErrorDomain error -1012

What happened to iCal?

10.3 & earlier and Java

iMac Exchange repair programs

Exchange Repair programs affecting MacBook Pros

10.9.2-10.9.4 Fast User Switching desktop issue

Mountain Lion compatible scanners

Lion compatible scanners

Snow Leopard Scanning

Yosemite Update information

Using Target Disk Mode to install an operating system

Turn off keyboard or mouse when not in use

El Capitan System (10.11) requirements for upgrade

iTunes/Mac OS X/iOS compatibility

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