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Mac OS X links - links covering Apple's current operating system, Mac OS X.

8.110 Facespan - A multiple application linking application development system. Applescript on steroids! see if it works with earthlink

8.111-8.113 Farallon is now Proxim crossplatform network software and hardware solutions manufacturer. Additional pages from their site:

8.114 - high speed dialup internet provider using on the fly compression techniques to speed internet connection over a regular phone line.

8.115 Filemaker - a crossplatform relational Macintosh Windows database with ODBC support.

8.116 A public domain software archive

8.117 Firewiremax - another Firewire specialty store

8.118C!Net's Macfixit - troubleshooting board, and news for Mac problem solving

8.119 MacFont Vault - Great place to find fonts and font utilities.

8.120 - Various interesting links to Mac usage stories

8.121 MacFormat - Monthly Macintosh Magazine from the U.K. Includes lots of free demo downloads * now a part of Futurenet publishing*

8.122- 8.124 Fourth Dimension (4D) a crossplatform relational database for Mac and Windows, and their 4D System Requirements and trial crossplatform database software, and 4D for Oracle expansion

8.125 Macgamefiles- download demos, updates, and public domain software for all your Macintosh games.

8.126 MacGamersLedge- reviews of commercial and public domain games

8.127 Macintosh Garden - The world of Mac abandonware - no longer supported Apple and Mac compatible software. * as of May 11, 2019

8.128 Macgold - The UK Macintosh mail order store.

8.129 Powerpage (formerly go2mac and O'Grady's Powerbook website) - news forums links relating to Apple's portable computers.

8.130 MacGPS Pro - Software for Global Positioning Systems receivers made for theMac! The publisher also makes available for the Mac several topographicmaps of U.S. National Parks on CD-ROM.

8.131 Macgurus - A Macintosh upgrade specialist with a bulletin board to discuss upgrade methods and issues

8.132 GVOX - Developer of Encore a very powerful MIDI notation software for the Mac. Supports direct MIDI to Score transcribing. Soon coming out for MacOS X

8.133 Headgap -A new, used, and refurbished Macs and Mac parts store.

8.134 Helix- a downloadable commercial Macintosh relational database with application development software for databases. Also supports networks using TCP/IP

8.135 Hewlett Packard (HP)'s support and drivers website

8.136 iCab - Alternative Mac web browser with limited Javascript and Stylesheet support,yet is under 2 MB in size, and loads many pages that other browsers failto load.

8.137 Inside Mac Games

8.138 InsideMac Games magazine

8.139 Intel's Dayna card driver page for old Mac Dayna networking cards

8.140 Interface Customization guide from OSX Daily

8.141 IO Gear - maker of numerous crossplatform peripheral products including a special USB data transfer cable for networking machines with USB

8.142 iPodLounge- a website with forums, links and things to purchase for Apple's new MP3player and PDA. Has now moved to iLounge.

8.143 Ircle - The homepage for the popular shareware scriptable Macintosh Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client, Ircle, also available for Mac OS X

8.144 ISPq's Videochat for the Mac - 4 person crossplatform videoconferencing.

8.145 Jumbo - Public Domain Software archive

8.146 MacOS Journal - news articles on the Mac operating systems

8.147 L.A. Computer Company - Apple reseller

8.148 LemkeSoftware - Home of GraphicConverter (available for Mac OS X as well), the great shareware supporting graphics conversions of 145 import and 45 export formats, as well as CADintosh a Macintosh Computer Aided Design application.

8.149 LindElectronics - sells 8 hour battery packs and airplane adapters for Powerbooks

8.150 London Macintosh Users Group

8.151 Find internet connection information, and software for an older Mac

8.152 Mac512 - "the site 4 Macintosh preservation"

8.153 Macmap - Cartography tool for Macs, no relation to the current website you are on.

8.154 Madsonline- notebook power adapters

8.155 Macmall - A Macintosh retail mail order company * only browsable using Netscape, and not Explorer 4.5 or earlier *

8.156 "Macs in Education intro" - debunks numerous myths about the Mac platform,and has a petition with advice for Apple Computers to improve its standing in education.

8.157 Macmame - the gaming platform for old Mac games, and old Atari games on the Mac. Now supports Mac OS X!

8.158 Macmisto - Macintosh Software Directory with online demos of software before you download!

8.159 A French Macintosh GIS software (website only in French).

8.160 Mapthematics - makers of Geocart, the map projections software for the Macintosh

8.161 MCE Products - A retailer specializing in hard to find Powerbook (Apple notebook computer line) accessories.

8.162 Macmerc - news, forums, and downloads for the Mac platform.

8.163 MetroTechnologies - offering crossplatform database solutions using ODBC

8.164 Microcenter software page - includes links to crossplatform and Mac software sections under several topic headings.

8.165 Mid-Atlantic Computer Solutions - Macintosh and Windows consultant group based in Alexandria Virginia

Microsoft Macintosh links are on the Mactopia listing on this site
8.166 Midwest Mac - A retailer in used Macs and parts, including many old Nubus video cards

8.167 Macwelt - German version of Macworld - a peridocal dedicated to both Apple computers and portable devices.

8.168 MIT Sumex-AIM (Info-Mac) Macintosh HyperArchive is now gone. The original site at info-mac (linked here) remains.

8.169 Magma (formerly Mobility Electronics)- add on Chasis solutions for extra ports on both Mac desktops and notebooks. Also offers special music studio connections for computers.

8.170 Modem to modem file transfer instructions from Apple's knowledgebase.

8.171 NXP - Former Metrowerks & Freescale Codewarrior is now part of NXP

8.172 Miramar Systems was Acquired by Computer Associates. Its software PC Maclan is PC software which allows PCs to understand Appleshare, the Mac networking protocol.

8.173 Mozilla- the next generation web browser for Mac OS 8 through X. Mozilla's projects include the source for Netscape 5 and later versions, as well as Firefox, Camino, and several other popular web browsers.

8.174 News about music available for the Mac platform. Has links, software, and a classifieds section.

8.175 Macintosh news

8.176 - Macintosh bulletin board including a Macintosh gaming programs topic forum

8.177 Macnet2 - Reviews,Forums, Mac books for purchase, and tutorials affecting the Mac community

8.178, 8.179 Netscape's platform download page includes 68k Netscape versions

8.180 Newertech - hardware upgrades

8.181 Newerram's website, home of GURU (Guide to RAM Updates)

8.182 Macnews - more daily news on the Mac platform

8.183 Novel Open Enterprise Server for Macintosh

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