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Mac OS X links - links covering Apple's current operating system, Mac OS X.

Macintosh Game Page - links to various resources for games on the Mac

My Internet connectivity for old Macs , OpenTransport , Mac OS X , FreePPP , and OpenTransport modem/Mac OS X modem support list for use with OT/PPP and Remote Access under System 7.6 or later.
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* Note: entries below where no link is present are links where the website address was not able to be verified at last check, and may be removed at the next update. If you have an updated entry, please e-mail me at the address on my guestbook page.


8.1 AAPLTalk System shootouts site - compare Macs to PCs of the same speed and price range to see where Apple Macintoshes and PCs have advantages over each other.

8.2 A Battery Pack - notebook batteries for all platforms

8.3 About This Particular Macintosh - A monthly ezine about the "personal computer experience" with reviews and opinions.

8.4 Macacademy - purchase CDs, attend seminars on using Mac software and hardware.

8.5 MacAddict Magazine is now MaciLife - A monthly periodical covering news about the Macintosh platform's hardware and software.

8.6, 8.7Adobe Acrobat- a multiplatform open document format reader, and the (version 6 not available stand alone), and their feedback page for all Adobe products

8.8 Airport reception tips from Apple

8.9 AllMac - A retailer in used Macs and parts

Allume is now listed under Stuffit

8.10 AM Micro - a UK distributer of Macintosh products

Apple Computer Owned Websites
Find an Apple DealerThe Apple Store Online buy direct from Apple, and Apple Retail Stores where you can experience Macs first handApple's product feedback page for all major productsApple's guide to switching from PC to Mac
Apple Worldwide Phone contacts and websites Macintosh Products Guide homepage Macintosh Products Guide advanced search page Where to buy Macs
AppleCare Protection Plan, Apple Spec Database, Customer Installable Parts - guide to installing hardware on MacsiPod Apple's MP3 player whose simple integration with iTunes for both Mac and Windows and wide variety of accessories has made Apple the envy of the digital music world. iDVD Support page Apple Technical Notes page, Mac OS 8 and Mac OS 9 documentation, and Apple Glossary of technical terms
Apple Error codes for System Software 8 and 9Apple's web page for small business in the U.S. and UK site "Mac & PC a guide to peaceful coexistence"Apple Government StoreMacintosh Users Groups
Apple Error codes for System Software 8 and 9Apple's web page for small business in the U.S. and UK site "Mac & PC a guide to peaceful coexistence"Apple Federal StoreMacintosh Users Groups
Apple Open Source Projects including Darwin, Developer Connection, and Apple seed portal for beta testing Apple products Tech ExchangeMacintosh OS 9 support and Mac OS X news.Apple Software Updates
Disability ResourcesQuicktime (QT), Stand alone download for QT, and QT Virtual Reality ( QTVR)OpenGL support Apple's Airport wireless LAN solutions, and free wireless hotspots that use it
Apple Java now distributed by OracleApple Pro Application page and DVD Studio Pro Support Apple iTunes CD authoring, MP3 radio stations, and burningWhat's New at Apple

8.54 Apple error codes .com - A listing of operating system errors and many other useful tips and hints about the Mac

8.55 Applefritter - chat, pictures from obscure parts of Apple computer and its clones, software, books, and forum.

8.56 and its Australian Mirror Site

8.57 AppleInsider Forums - A source of what the Macintosh community thinks will be in the next version of the Mac hardware and software

8.58 Applelinks - news and links from the Apple community worldwide * Site down 1/29/2016*

8.59 The Apple Museum - History of Apple's people and computers

8.60 AppleLust - An opinion oriented page around news events affecting the Mac platform

8.61 Appleseed Project - software for distributed computing power between multiple Macs on a LAN

8.62 Apple Service Manuals - a collection from various websites of nearly every Mac service manual. Note some of this material may void your warranty if you do it yourself when your machine is under warranty. For in warranty repairs you can do yourself, check Apple's Do It Yourself page.

8.63 Architosh - News magazine for Macintosh architects and similar Cadd professions

8.64 Artiface - software publisher of Design Workshop, a 3-d modelling application that "will integrate smoothly with your existing mainstream drafting software, on both Windows and Macintosh, including AutoCAD, PowerCADD, ArchiCAD, MicroStation,and MiniCADD

8.65 Ashlar Vellum - software developers of crossplatform CAD software, and Mac OS X compatible versions of their software updates.

8.66 Mac astronomy software titles - a listing of titles from

8.67 Autodessys inc - the software publisher of the crossplatform CAD program called FORMZ

8.68 Bangkok Post articles on Macintosh usage.

8.69 Bare Bones software. Home of BBEdit -the all purpose text file editor with built-in multi-file content search engine, and HTML based web page editing. * this entire website was done with BBEdit for Mac OS X *

8.70 - A page on benchmarks of various Macintosh hardware

8.71 Battery Canada - A Canadian retailer in Macintosh and camcorder batteries.

8.72 Macbigot - headlines about the Mac platform, software downloads, and usergroups.

8.73 Borland JBuilder for Mac OS X is now published by Embarcadero

8.74 Cable Finder, The. Mail order shop specializing in customizing all kinds of cables.

8.75 CADintosh - a simple AutoCAD DXF, HPGL, and PICT compatible 2-D architectural drawing shareware, now native to Mac OS X, from the makers (Lemkesoft) of GraphicConverter (a powerful 100+ graphic file format converter sharewaresupporting PC, Unix, and

8.76 Canvas GIS Mapping Edition - Allows Canvas for the Mac to use GIS produced data. Only available for PowerPC Macs. Intel Macs need virtualization or Rosetta. Updates are only for Windows.

8.77 CE Software Downloads page - maker of QuicKeys, the keyboard shortcut superprogram, now native to Mac OS X

8.78 MacCentral. Daily news of Macintosh related events.

8.79 Chitchat - a multi-user chatroom client for Yahoo's chat server. Available Mac OS X and PowerMacs.

8.80 Clarkwood Software - Addon utilities for the Mac including several control strip modules, and a Mac OS X RAM Disk shareware

8.81 Clarus Museum - the history of the iconic symbol of early Mac software by the Clarus Corporation

8.82 comp.sys.mac.digest - now publishes only Tidbits articles. As a result the link is now pointing to Tidbits' website.

8.83 CompUSA - A national authorized Apple dealer for all of Apple computers

8.84 MacConnection - An Apple Authorized Retailer online with a large selection of Macintosh software and hardware

8.85 Connectix VirtualPC, now owned by Microsoft, is an emulator for all Intel compatible PC platforms on the Mac

8.86 CreativeMac - "News, Tools, and Techniques for Macintosh Creative Professionals"

8.87VizRT (formerly Curious Software) - "developers of Curious World Maps, a powerful software solution that gives you total creative control to product stunning maps and eye-catching graphics for broadcast, Web and print." Currently available for PC and Macintosh.

8.88 Curvus Pro - software for 3d portrayal of data

8.89 - UK multiplatform retailer

8.90 EMC (formerly part of Dantz) - makers of Retrospect, a crossplatform backup software. Now available for Mac OS X.

8.91 Datadesk - Crossplatform "graphical data analysis tool that provides fast, interactive tools for finding patterns, relationships and exceptions in data."

8.92 DataViz the makers of MacLinkPlusPC PC/Mac word processor, spreadsheet, and database file format translators - software has been discontinued.

8.93 Dean Dauger's Solar System Simulator

8.94-8.96 Canvas Draw (formerly Deneba CAD) - A Computer Aided Design program for the Mac, Scientific Imaging Edition, and GIS software

8.97 MacDEM - A program for viewing a DEM (Digital Elevation Models), A datafile format used in many Geographic Information Systems (GIS), on Macintosh operating system based computers.

8.98 Macdesktops - Customize your Finder's appearance with images in many different subjects

8.99 Macdevcenter - O'Reilly Publishing's news and helpful guides for software developers (programmers) on the Mac platform. Publishes numerous development books to assist in Macintosh programming.

8.100 MacDirectory - Directory of links relating to the Mac platform

8.101 Diwan - developers of Ready Set Go, an inexpensive cross platform desktop publishing solution with free update to Mac OS X version when released.

8.102 - CNET's list of available shareware and freeware.

8.103 DTT Service - Macintosh parts and repairs for out of warranty machines

8.104 DV Shop - Authorized Apple reseller in Canada specializing in hard to find video products

8.105 DV Warehouse - reseller of crossplatform digital video editing products, and used Macs

8.106 Email Man - guide to Macintosh e-mail data conversions and software clients

8.107 Engineered Software Products - makers of PowerCADD, Computer Aided Design (CAD) program for the Macintosh and "PowerDWG translator for direct translation to and from AutoCAD DWG format, as well as translators for Autodesk's DXF, JPEG, and Encaps

8.108Daz Productions (formerly called Eovia) - the home of Carrara studio "Complete 3d solution for modeling, shading, scene building, rendering, and special effects." Available for both Mac and PC.

8.109Everything Mac A Macintosh web resources page.

8.110 MacXperts - find a Mac Guru to help you solve your problems anywhere in the U.S.

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