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Special sites include:

Apple's Macintosh Product Guide , its Sherlock 2 Plugin , and advanced search page

Macintosh Game Page - links to various resources for games on the Mac

Mac OS X links - links covering Apple's new operating system, Mac OS X.

My Internet connectivity for old Macs , OpenTransport , Mac OS X ,FreePPP , andOpenTransport modem/Mac OS X modem support list for use with OT/PPP and Remote Access under System 7.6 or later.

* Note: entries below where no link is present are links where the website address was not able to be verified at last check, and may be removed at the next update. If you have an updated entry, please e-mail me at the address on my guestbook page.


8.218 The Mac Observer - news of Macintosh software upgrades, and other Apple related events. (formerly Webintosh)
Looking for O'Grady's Powerbook page? It has now moved to Powerpage

8.219 ODBC Router - allows Macs to link to databases using ODBC on Windows NT and 2000

8.220 Opera web browser for the Mac

8.221 Macoptz - forum, interesting stories debunking PC myths, how to build your own G4 from scratch and more

8.222 MacOpinion - read articles on various user experiences.

8.223 Macoptions - "Mac tutorials, tips, tools & links to help you get the most out of your Mac"

8.224 Macorchard - "Essential Internet Applications for Macintosh Users"

8.225 Macsonly - Breaking news about software and hardware for the Mac.

8.226 Mac authorized dealer. Former home of

8.227 Pacific Cable - a store with lots of different kinds computer cables, with pictures and specsof each cable type.

8.228 - home of the Transit FTP program and other Mac software.

8.229 - run PC programs on your Mac on a subscription basis

8.230MacPiCks - A resource to hundreds of Mac links, search engines, and indices

8.231 Planet Photoshop - news, tips, books, and everything on Adobe's graphics editing and manipulation program.

8.232 MumboJumbo - former MacPlay, InterPlay, and United Developers Mac games publisher

8.233 Plotter supplies - wide format plotters and supplies. Link to left is for all their Mac compatible products.

8.234 Macpoet and Winpoet - PPPoE support for MacOS 7 through 9, Mac OS X has built in support that works also in Classic mode when Macpoet is disabled, also see Efficient Networks Enternet for an alternative PPPoE software for Mac OS 9.

8.235 PB Central (Formerly Powerbook Central) - Support and news for Apple's notebook computers

8.236 Powerbook Parts (PBParts) - A store with many accessories for old and new Powerbooks

Looking for PowerDWG? Engineered Software makes it
8.237 Powerlogix support page. Watch this page for Mac OS X compatibility reports of their upgrade cards.

8.238 Powermax - a discount new, used, and refurbished Macintosh dealer.

8.239 Poweron Computer Services - A new, used, and refurbished Macintosh dealer

8.240 Pricewatch - find the best prices on new and used computers and peripherals

8. 241 Pure-Mac- mac shareware and freeware listed by category and a search engine.

8.242 RAM Electronics - website with photographs of past Apple video adapters such as ADC and DVI

8.243 Mac Resource Page - An Ezine on Macintosh Resources with software, links, a RAM pricewatch section, and more

8.244 Real Studio (formerly called Real Basic and CrossBasic) home page - "The Crossplatform Object-Oriented BASIC Visual Development Environment for Macintosh"

8.245 RealCADD - An AutoCAD DXF compatible CAD shareware available for Mac OS X, 9.1, and Windows.

8.246 MacReview - Macintosh Software Reviews

8.247 - News about Music hardware, software, and composing on the Mac platform

8.248 Macrumors - online discussions about rumored new releases for the Macintosh platform.

8.249 Macrun - download site for old Casady and Green games

8.250 Script Software - developer of several tools for Mac OS 9, Mac OS X, and Windows using scripts, including iKey a nice keyboard shortcut software for the Mac

8.251 Secondhandmac - a Classifieds to buy and sell used Macintoshes and software

8.252 - Seminar schedules for Apple Macintosh platform specific software and hardware

8.253 Macserve - Macintosh based web hosting and design

8.254 Sherlock 1 through 2 plugins.

8.255 Skycasters - satellite internet for the Mac

8.256 - "A daily dose of Mac news and discussion" (formerly

8.257, 8.258The Mac Smith - software and hardware mail order shop for many hard to find products for the Mac. Services include a mailing list

8.259 Smith Micro's Mac website - includes Videolink videoconferencing and FaxSTF software for the Mac

8.260 's German cell phone solutions for the Mac

8.261 MacSoft - Commercial games for the Mac

8.262 MacSpeech Continuous voice dictation for the Mac based on Philips FreeSpeech voice recognition.

8.263 Macspeedzone's listing of articles all over the web about why the Mac is a better platform

8.264 Stairways Software, home of Interarchie (formerly known as Anarchie) and other popular Mac internet applications

8.265, 8.266 Strydent Software - Previous developer of Powerprint, no longer publishing their USB Parallel printing adapter with Mac printer driver software package. Alternatives include: USBTB that offers a variety of USB and Parallel printing solutions for both Mac OS X PowerPC and Intel Native solutions based on open source drivers (link is archived on the webarchive and may need references Googled to find most current version), and TripLite's Keyspan makes a Mac OS X 10.2 compatible USB to parallel printer adapter with additional drivers.

8.267 MacSurfer Headline News - A Macintosh headline news publication listing the headline news items of dozens of Mac publications on the net

8.268 Synchrotech - makers of a Firewire (IEEE 1394/iLink) to UltraSCSI converter

8.269 System 6 Heaven - think it impossible? Here is the place to learn about Apple's old System 6, more stable than any Mac OS prior to X, and even able to network to X.

8.270 TD Curran - Macintosh dealer with large printer ink cartridge selection

8.271 MacTech Magazine - A monthly magazine reviewing Macintosh technology and development available in 64 countries.

8.272 Techsurvivors - A free Macintosh technical support forum

8.273 Terrasoft Solutions - rack mounted G4 servers running Yellowdog Linux

8.274, 8.275 Tidbits Take Control eBooks, and main site - former home of the Internet Starter Kit for the Mac

8.276 Mactimeline - a history of the most currently released software and hardware products by Apple

8.277 Layers Magazine (formerly MacToday magazine and Mac Design Online)

8.278 Mactoids - a Mac "tips, tweaks, and techniques" site.

8.279 MacToolbox website has now been integrated with Macpicks

8.280 Tom Bihn - laptop bag designer for Mac laptop bags

8.281-8.283 MacTopia, by Microsoft. Macintosh news, links and more. Offer Feedback to Microsoft on any product, and visit downloads of various Microsoft updates and software

8.284 MacInTouch - "The MacInTouch web site is the authoritative source for important Mac news and the source to which other sites and news organizations most often refer ."

8.285 Mac of all trades - buy and sell Macs through online classifieds

8.286 Transintl - a new and used mac retailer

8.287 TUCOWS Index of Mac shareware and freeware.

8.288 Turbomac - 56k Mac dialup with high speed caching with nationwide access

8.289 - find all your favorite public domain and commercial software updates, with a new Mac OS X section. NOTE: IGNORE THE MACKEEPER ADVERTISEMENTS. THIS SOFTWARE CAN NOT BE REMOVED WITH AUTHOR'S OWN INSTRUCTIONS. Apple Support Communities has numerous instances where this software has caused more problems than it solved. Another place to go is C!Net Download

8.290 MacUser UK - A monthly periodical reviewing new Macintosh software and hardware.

8.291 Versiontracker is no more. It has been taken over by C!Net download Classic link, and other links for Mac OS X on my Mac OS 9 to X migration FAQ

8.292 Villagetronic - manufacturer of the PCMCIA to DVI adapter with 32 MB of VRAM offering Powerbook G3, G4, PC notebooks with the most flexible video board upgrade options around.

8.293 MacWarehouse - Macintosh retailer has its products now being sold by CDW

8.294 Macwireless - wireless internet hardware and software solutions for Mac OS 9 and X including PCI, PCMCIA, and USB hardware.

8.295Macsoft Games (formerly Westlake Interactive) - Game publisher for Mac games including:The Sims, Deus Ex, Scrabble, Unreal Tournament, Civilization: Call To Power, Madden NFL™ 2000, Total Annihilation, Railroad Tycoon II, Falcon 4. 0, Tomb Raider I, II and III, Unreal, Duke Nukem 3D, A-10 Attack!, Deadlock, Flight Unlimited, and Links Pro.

8.296 Wozniak's Homepage (from the founder of Apple Computer!)

8.297, 8.298 Macworld magazine, and their Pricefinder for best Mac product pricing

8.299 MacWrite - Daily News and Forums
Mac OS X links has moved to its own page following this one in order

8.300 XLR8 Your Mac - News tips and rumors about performance boosts for Macs

8.301 Yahoo Tech's Apple Page

8.302 Y-mouse from Pi Engineering - supports PC/AT keyboards and mice on USB

8.303 Your Mac Life - a Quicktime radio show about all topics Macintosh

8.304 Mac Zone, The. Internet SuperStore
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