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Call 207-721-2141 or email:abrody AT
Macmaps  Southern Maine PC/Mac Repair.  Remote and Pickup/Dropoff. Call 207-721-2141 for an appointment
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PRICE DROP!   ALL REMOTE CALLS NOW 25% off.   If I don't need to travel to your location, and you prepare either for an AnyDesk, or Facetime, Skype, or Teams call where I can watch what you are
doing, we will only charge $75/hour + 4% Credit Charge.  Frequent buyers can use check by mail.   Initial payment via of half an hour minimum required.  Flat rates available for services
where we let the computer do its own diagnostic while I'm not actively working on it.  All calls rounded to nearest half hour. Call for more details.

Franchise calls will be blocked. So will requests for certification training. Macmaps is generally available weekday evenings.

Abraham Brody's Macmaps is in Southern Maine!    Based in Waterboro, I will travel up to forty five minutes from there.

Accepting retaining Call 207-721-2141 or call/text 202-538-1017 for details.

Salaried & retainer rates are negotiable.

Macmaps has been in business since 1995.  Starting in Washington DC and Baltimore Maryland area, moving in 2014 to Lakeville MA,
2017 to Mashpee in Cape Cod, and now servicing:

Scarborough, Gorham, Windham, Westbrook, Buxton, Standish, Limington, Limerick, Cornish, Hollis, Waterboro, Dayton, Lyman, Alfred, Shapleigh, Sanford, Springvale, Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, Arundel, Saco, Wells, North Berwick, and Biddeford Maine.

We will continue to offer remote services to all our customers via Anydesk.

Apple Certified, Macintosh and PC consulting services.  

* New service highlighting those people in LinkedIn who are hiring and in specific companies. $50.

* New phone 207-721-2141 (no text presently). Text & Phone based service still available on 202-538-1017, and 276-622-6277.

• Malware removal and data recovery flat rates available. 

• Configuration of new and refurbished machines on an hourly rate, except for data transfer which is billed based on the flat rate.

• All other services are considered hourly including repair of equipment, finding the best replacement equipment if beyond repair.

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What I do with all computers I check:
1. Is your data backed up?  If not, we have data recovery options, but each entails a certain amount of risk.    Let's discuss if any of your data isn't backed up and your system is inaccessible before any work is done.
2. File system health
3. Verify the system isn't over full. 85% full we need external storage to backup data to.
4. Cloud backups are not on automatic, and regular backups are set to run when they do not disturb you.
5. I check for malware, viruses, PCs I check for spyware and registry errors.
6. I check for system compatibility with upgrades.   
7. Memory checks for kernel panics and Blue Screen of Death on PCs.
8. I explain each of the above terms and why it is important you know them.
9. I only upgrade once you are satisfied that the system you are about get is compatible with the upgrade and your system is at low risk for failure after upgrade.
I am an Apple Certified Mac Technician, Apple Certified iOS Technician, GIS Project Management certified, ISO 9001 and SAVI trained by FAA, and as knowledgeable in PCs as Macs.
Credit card payment is over Paypal.
A summary of the services I have performed in the past:
- Replaced LCD screens on 2017 MacBook Pro, Dell 15" touch notebooks, HP notebook.
- Replaced RAM on HP laptops that required removing the entire bottom cover.
- Replaced NVME SSD on 2015 MacBook Pro
- Replaced batteries on 2013 MacBook Air, 2015 MacBook Air, and iPhone 6.
- Replaced DC-in adapter on HP and Dell laptops that connect to logicboard.
- Replaced hard drive on iMac 2010, and HP AIO.
- Replaced thermal paste on generic PC CPUs, and CPUs in socket CPU desktops, as well as power supplies
I have also provided a wealth of Apple Support Communities User Tips to help users on Apple Inc's own website.  I also have written a wide variety of tutorials on my own webpage you may access below:

Have a review? E-mail it to abrody AT or visit my Feedback page.

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